my first solo exhibition

The exhibition “introduction” is intended to be just that: an introduction to the artist and her works in her first solo exhibition.

Sarina Rick works artistically in the fields of painting and illustration, restores furniture and is a trained interior decorator. She works in her studio in Oldenburg at Kastanienallee 37 and her paintings can be roughly divided into three categories: Portraits, abstracts and ink figures. Introduction is exhibiting a cross-section of the works.

Among the portraits is a series of heads covered with cracked white and black earth like a mask. The transitions between human and earth are fluid, as are the boundaries and deep cracks. The artist prefers to pose questions to the observers rather than to present intentions and explanations. The answers depend on life circumstances and experiences and are just as changeable as life itself.

The ink figures show faceless stereotypes that are veiled, distorted, and covered by ink and water. Observers have to look closely to recognise the figures. How often in everyday life do we reduce people to their profession, their function, or their appearance without looking closely? How much ecort do we make to allow more than a first impression or risk a cursory glance?

The exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the inspiring works as an observer and ask your own questions or find answers.

The creative interim use was arranged by the agency RAUM AUF ZEIT.

25.03.2023 - 31.03.2023
Haarenstraße 39 26121 Oldenburg


Mo: Vernissage at 5 p.m. 
Tue – Thu: 12 a.m – 6 p.m.
Fr: closed
Sa: 11 a.m – 23 p.m. / Finissage starting at

Bonner herbst salon 2023

group exhibition

For 30 days, the Stage Gallery presented 40 artists from all over Germany with their works from the fields of painting, photography, design and sculpture. I exhibited my work “The Dragon” in this group exhibition.

“Christmas is just around the corner. And like every year, the Christmas spirit takes hold of us with the first Christmas lights, the first mulled wine and the first gingerbread. A feeling of warmth, security and charity spreads through society.

Consumption feels good. It makes you happy.

But what impact does consumption and the creeping excess that accompanies it have on me, us, society and our planet? Who pays the price for our excess? How do these disparities come about? Consumption has a downside.” 

I was part of this group exhibition. My contribution was the painting “No bridge”.