The artwork “Notion” is a powerful depiction of individuality and self-assertion. It shows the portrait of a woman whose gaze and posture radiate a calm self-assurance. The monochrome color scheme in black and white reinforces the intensity of the gaze.

The lettering “Don’t pretend you know what I think” included in the image adds an extra layer of communication. These words challenge the viewer to question their own assumptions and acknowledge the complexity of the other person. It is a direct invitation not to jump to conclusions about the thoughts and feelings of the person depicted and emphasizes the impossibility of fully grasping the inner workings of another person.

The combination of visual representation and text in the artwork “Notion” invites us to reflect on the limits of our perception and the importance of empathy. It is a plea for respect for the subjective experience and individual perspective that we all have. In a world where people are often judged based on their appearance or external features, “Notion” reminds us that true understanding requires a deeper immersion into the mind of the other, without accepting preconceived notions as truth.

Project Details

Notion - Don't pretend you know what I think. Unikat der Oldenburger Künstlerin Sarina Rick.